Saturday, June 27, 2009

Inspire Me!

I spent an hour or so this morning surfing blog & found so much inspiration for new designs. On my old blog (360, which is shutting down), I often ran series blogs where I kept up an ongoing theme from week to week. The inspiration I found today has inspired me me begin another inspiration blog... Inspire Me!

That's a lot of inspiring huh!!! :)

The first Inspire Me blog comes to us from Brenda's Wedding Blog. She posts amazing Color Palette Inspiration boards. This past Tuesday she posted a board titled, "Ocean and Sky Blue." I recently bought a roll of this color interior vinyl & nearly used the entire roll already on summer wedding floor & wall decals. But when I saw this color board, new design ideas flourished in my mind.

So here is my inspired design...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Personalized / Custom Wedding Monogram Decals

I just love weddings. The creativity that erupts from wedding planning just facinates me. Brides will design their weddings from the dress to the decor and every aspect in between.
Recently I had two brides send me their monograms that they were using on their invitations and I turned them into large dance floor vinyl decals for them.

Each decal is 22" x 27"
If you would like to turn your monogram into decal that can be used on the dance floor, walls or many other smooth, flat surfaces, e-mail me: