Behind the Scenes at Ten23

Lauren Sarnoff Atwaters, is the owner of Ten23 Designs, located in Jacksonville, Florida. Ten23 Designs specializes in creating customized, removable decals for special events and home decor. Removable decals are a great tool for decorating as they are easily removed and do not leave behind any sticky residue. Decals created by Ten23 Designs stand out among the competition because of the high quality material used and the unique design created for each client.

Born in New York, Lauren moved to Clearwater, Florida with her family when she was six years old. While in elementary school, Lauren had a special appreciation for art. From a very young age, Lauren's Dream was to become an artist. For nearly ten years after Lauren graduated from high school, she did free-lance graphic design work for family, friends and companies she worked for.

In July 2008, Lauren was married. Lauren's wedding was filled with personalized monogram decorations that she created herself. She received such positive feedback regarding her designs and even received her first order before the wedding day was over. With this, and the encouragement of her family, she decided to offer her services to others...and Ten23 Designs was born. Ten23 Designs was named to commemorate Lauren's birthday of October 23rd!

Lauren focuses on two main goals each time she welcomes a client to Ten23 Designs. One, give them what they want. Making custom and personalized designs can be a challenge at times, but Lauren's goal to "give them what they want" only challenges herself and her craft. She wants to bring a smile to her client's face and by giving them what they want, she gets it every time. The second goal is to keep it affordable. Whether her client is decorating their home or adding personalized touches to an event, Lauren puts forth the effort to find the most cost effective way to decorate without cutting any corners.

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