Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Project : 7 of : 23

I have been working on this project for some time now... I had to do it little by little when I had time. The sad thing is, in total, it only took about 30 minutes of my time from start to finish.  With my son growing SO quickly, I had to hurry up and get this one done!

So without further adieu, Project : 7 of : 23

I started with a raw piece of lumber from Home Depot and painted it white. (I took a photo of the wood before I painted it but accidentally deleted it AFTER I painted... can't go back and start over on this one.)

I brushed 2 coats of white paint with a white paint brush.  I wanted to the wood to look kind of aged, but not distressed.

I have NO idea why this photo keeps posting sideways... so just tilt your head while looking at it.

Next I designed the ruler markers on the computer and cut them as a decal.

I used a tape measure next to the wood as I applied the decal just to make sure I was staying on track, even though I designed the decal with exact measurements.  


...and viola!!! A giant ruler in my hallway.  I anchored a wall between the kiddos rooms.

As soon as I stepped back from it after putting it up on the wall, my 2 year old ran over and stood in front of it with her back against it.  How she knew what it was for was beyond me... and when my son woke up this morning and saw it, his first instinct was to measure himself too.   Gotta love it!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Project : 4 of : 23

I am really knocking out projects with my project of projects, Project :: 23

Who would have thought that me posting this idea on my blog would keep me so motivated.  Maybe I should start posting all my to-do list type stuff on here.

Today I knocked out Project 4... although I have been working on it for several days here and there.  I am planning on turning a wall in one of my hallways into a mini museum with my children's artwork. My son is now 13 and I have a large storage container filled with his toddler - kindergarten artwork.  My 2 year daughter is also a little artist.

One thing I thought about adding to the museum wall was some information about them. I decided to make a "stat plaque" for each of them...
So without further adieu, Project : 4 of : 23

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coming Up : Cookie Exchange 2011

I am in the works planning my cookie exchange. I am working on a couple fun cookie games and a few awards.  This is the Cookie Exchange Logo I designed for my party.

Do you participate in a cookie exchange? What are your favorite types of cookies?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Project : 2 of : 23

I am steadily working on my project of projects, Project :: 23

This morning I completely Project 2 and it was super easy and even cheaper than easy! I saw this great project on the Choose to Thrive blog back in may and new I wanted to make my own this Autumn.  

So without further adieu, Project : 2 of : 23

The project only cost me a couple of dollars... and that was for the vinyl lettering I made. My neighbor was ever so kind to supply me with the brown bottles and the straw looking stuff was picked from a bush outside. I was going to use wheat but wanted to try this first... being that it was FREE

The niche it is sitting in is such a shallow shelf that I usually have trouble finding things to fit it.  I think this is just right for the season.