Friday, November 11, 2011

Project : 4 of : 23

I am really knocking out projects with my project of projects, Project :: 23

Who would have thought that me posting this idea on my blog would keep me so motivated.  Maybe I should start posting all my to-do list type stuff on here.

Today I knocked out Project 4... although I have been working on it for several days here and there.  I am planning on turning a wall in one of my hallways into a mini museum with my children's artwork. My son is now 13 and I have a large storage container filled with his toddler - kindergarten artwork.  My 2 year daughter is also a little artist.

One thing I thought about adding to the museum wall was some information about them. I decided to make a "stat plaque" for each of them...
So without further adieu, Project : 4 of : 23


  1. Can you please say how you made it?