Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Giant Ruler Growth Chart Tutorial :: Via The Photographer's Wife

I recently received an email request for one of our giant growth chart rulers who mentioned seeing a great tutorial on The Photographer's Wife blog.  Without hesitation I ran aka typed really fast to check it out.  

The first thing I noticed when I got there was that I had been there before looking at other project in the past.  How awesome that we are now a part of the wonderful tutorial posts there!?!

Below is a cut & paste (with permission) of the wonderfully done tutorial post. Please be sure to also go pay The Photographer's Wife blog a visit and check out more tutorials and great parenting posts.


We liked the idea of tracking Trent’s height growth throughout the years, but since we might not be in this house forever, we didn’t want to track it on a wall that we would have to leave behind if we moved. :(
So we decided to make our own growth chart ruler that can go with us wherever we go! And it fit perfectly with our theme for his nursery, too!

Brett searched “growth chart ruler” on Etsy and came across a custom vinyl decal from Ten23Designs. [you can also go to her website to order it HERE

The decal is 6 feet tall and can be ordered in a variety of colors. When we ordered, there were different measurement options, so we made sure to specify that we wanted it in inches. Personalization is free, so we specified in the comments of the order that we wanted his name, Trent, printed too!

The decal arrived in 4 separate sections. Brett purchased a 6 ft. tall x 9 in. wide x 1 in. deep piece of wood…no need to cut it.

Place the decals where you will end up sticking them, making sure that your measurements line up. Only a half a foot will be at the bottom, since you will end up placing the bottom of the ruler about half a foot off the ground when you hang it on the wall.

It may be easier to cut the decals into smaller sections, so they are easier to work with. Peel off one side of the decal backing and stick the decal onto the wood and press down firmly,smoothing it out.

You may also benefit from a furry DIY helper nearby.

Slowly peel back the other side of the decal backing, leaving just the decal itself. By peeling slowly, you can catch any wrinkles before peeling too far.

Do this for all the sections and the name!

Spray several coats of clear coat onto the front and sides to give it that somewhat shiny, finished look. We used Valspar Clear Sealer Gloss. Let dry between each coat.

Screw on a mounting hook to the back of the ruler towards the top.

Place two felt pads on the back of the ruler towards the bottom, so it will rest firmly against the wall.

Hang onto the wall, making sure to line up the measurements from the ground (the 1 on the ruler will measure 1 foot off the ground).

Now, you’re ready to track your child’s height and don’t have to worry about leaving those memories behind if you move!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Dairing, Preppy Sweet 16

I always feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful vendor clients.  Some of the wedding and event planners even make me feel like I am part of their team.  One of these wonderful planner is Adair of Dairing Events here in Jacksonville, Florida.  

Each of Adair's clients are all different and unique yet all have this special things about them... I am not quite sure how to explain it but they are like a sorority of brides and clients all kept by the special bond of being a Dairing Bride or Dairing Client.  

Recently I had the pleasure to make some monogram goodies for a Dairing Client, Lauren, who was having a super sweet 16. On the Dairing Events blog, Adair said, "we coined the phrase "Preppy Glam" with mixing gold glitter and sequins, with pops of pink and navy." 

For the head table, I made a table top standing wooden monogram that was painted in pink and covered in glitter.

Upon entering into the main room, a large gold glitter woodn monogram hung as a backdrop behind the welcome table.

A monogram dance floor decal sat in the middle of the dance floor area.

I think Adair and Lauren got it right when they thought up "preppy glam!"

It was a super sweet affair for a super sweet young lady.  I am honored to have been asked to be a part it.

Custom wooden monograms like these shown are available by custom request via our website: www.ten23designs.com

All photos are from the Dairing Events Blog.  Please be sure to visit her page to learn more about her beautiful events and on how to become a Dairing Bride or Client.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Monogram Christmas Ornaments

I am so excited to have added new monogram Christmas ornaments this year! Best thing about these, is that they are the same size as my monogram key chains and with a simple switch from a ribbon to a key chain ring, it's two gifts in one.  


These are great for all types of monogram lovers:
  • Teenagers
  • Teachers
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Parents
  • Sisters
...and the list goes on!

The monogram Christmas ornaments are 3" acrylic, laser cut pieces and are available in 4 colors:
  • Red
  • White
  • Black
  • Mirror
There are also several design styles available.  Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Parking Lot Safety

I am a mom and safety is VERY important to me. Whenever we get out of the car, I tell my daughter to put her hand on the car just like my mother use to tell me.

So often my daughter will ask me, “where?” (as if we do not always do this)

So I made her a vinyl decal hand print to put on the car and now she will know exactly where to put it!

The vinyl decal is made from a removable wall decal grade vinyl that will pull off without damaging the paint when you are ready to take it off. 

I am giving away a few of them on my Facebook page.

To purchase please visit my Etsy shop or website.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

{Behind the Scenes} In the life of a top notch helper...

Ever wonder who is behind Ten23 Designs? Here is a little look into the life of one of our top notch helpers... my son.

Monday, September 9, 2013

{As Seen On} People.com

I was honored to get the call from Atlanta's top rated wedding and event planner, ellyb events, to contribute on a Mindy Weiss project for the famous singer, Monica's baby shower. It was even more exciting when I saw it the next week on so many different websites including People.com

We made their monogram logo pillows for the lounge area, large custom vinyl decals of the logo monogram on the bar / buffet station and the 20 2' laser cut wooden horses placed around the outdoor party area that also coordinated with the logo monogram. 

Congratulations to the happy couple and thank you so much to ellyb events for the opportunity and encouragement.  

Photography by the very talented Milanes Photography 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Workshop Conversion Project :: Part I

My husband and I have been slowly working on our workshop conversion project.  Parting ways with something things I have been holding on to was a little hard at first but once I saw the potential of the workspace and how much each it made organizing the wooden monogram and custom laser cut orders it was all worth it.

This morning we hung up peg boards and hooks to hang the wooden monograms and laser cuts.  Of course I had to paint them our signature lime green.  Organizing them but size, type and rush orders will really help the work flow.  I am exciting about what else is to come.  If you know of any other good workshop organizing ideas, feel free to share below.

Monday, August 26, 2013

{Introducing} Quartrefoil Pattern Vinyl Wall Decal

I have gotten enough custom requests for quartrefoil pattern vinyl wall decals that it's time to add it to my product line and post on my website.  I have seen uses such as wedding reception flower vase wraps, wall paper and lining cabinets... and I've loved them all. 

Last night, in honor of celebrating the new product to the collection, I decided to do my own quartrefoil vinyl decal project... which just happened to be on my DIY home decor project list for over a year now.

I've been wanting to do my kitchen back splash for quite some time now and last night, the opportunity of 20 minutes of free time presented itself.



I have always said that a small decal can make such a BIG impact on a room and here is a prime example.  I just love it.  I even smiled when I walked into the kitchen this morning and saw the quartrefoil pattern vinyl wall decal greeting me.

To make it easy to install myself, I just used 3 pieces of the quartrefoil pattern vinyl wall decal and lined them up on the wall.  That way I wasn't working with one huge, harder to manage piece.

So what do you think?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{Press & Praise} Family Magazine - First Coast.

Earlier this year I collaborated with Jax Couture Events and Boutique to make some decal accents for a styled nautical theme baby shower photo shoot. My decals were added to the wine glasses and plates to give an extra personalized touch.

This month the photo shoot was featured in Family Magazine - First Coast.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Coming Soon...

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Custom Cut Wooden Monograms

Already have a wooden monogram designed or want one custom designed and cut for you... you got it!!

My husband and I have teamed up to bring you custom designed wooden monograms and letters.  My design + his hardworking hands = PURE AWESOMENESS!!!

These are perfect for wedding gifts, wedding decor, gift giving or personal use.  Individual letters and logos are also available.

If it's not moving...

Reese Witherspoon said, "If it's not moving, monogram it." Well I say, if it's moving, put it in park, then monogram it too!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love . Laughter & Happily Ever After

I know I have said this so many times but I really do LOVE custom requests.  This one was requested to me by a local friend who is adding the finishing touches to her new home and asked me for some wall decal decor assistance.

Love . Laughter & Happily Ever After

Friday, February 1, 2013

Monogram Boots... Yes please!

I think Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon said it best, "if it's not moving, monogram it!"

During the month of February, and all times thereafter, I am adding monogram decals to all things still... starting with my boots!

Next up... my car! My car? Yup, my car!! Stay tuned!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

{Year 'Round Gift Idea} Personalized Tumblers

I don't think there is any wrong time to give a personalized tumbler as a gift.  Birthday, holiday, just because... yes, anytime is a good time to give a personalized tumbler!!

I can make these with almost any color combination with many fonts to choose from.

Interlocking monograms and Greek lettering is also available.

These also make great teach gifts.  I can replace the dots with little apples!

The possibilities are endless.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

FREE Monogram Necklace Giveaway

I am so excited that it is almost time to introduce the newest monogram goodies to the collection!!! To kick-off with some early celebrating, I am going to giveaway ONE of the monogram necklaces!!!

To enter, all you have to do is go to my Facebook page, and find this post...

Then just LIKE the post, SHARE the post (must be done publicly so I can see), then comment on the post that you did both of the above. EASY PEASY!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Decals on Ghost Chairs... with Elly B

When Eliana of EllyB Events and The B Loft contacts me, I already know the answer is more than likely YES! Not just, "yes" but "YES!"  When I was contacted by her the last several times for decals to use on ghost chairs, I did not even flinch... not just because I LOVE my decals on ghost chairs, but because her vision is amazing and her eye for detail is top of the line.

Last year I was asked to make a few name decals in gold for ghost chairs... this was to be my first time someone requested them in gold for the ghost chairs so I was very excited to see how they were to turn out.  I had no idea they would be this stunning... although with Eliana, I should not have expected anything less.
They didn't have names to use since it was a shoot so I got to select them.  My daughter's name was my first choice.


And the icing on the cake... The shoot was featured in Oh Brides Magazine!!

Small Business Branding For a Successful New Year

This past October I created a new division to my company, Ten23 Designs | Business Branding.  Ten23 Designs | Business Branding offers custom logos, logo stamps (both rubber stamps and self-inking), logo decals, apparel & accessories, tumblers... and OH SO MUCH MORE!!

Branding is a hot topic right now for small businesses. By putting the right amount of energy into your branding efforts, you will reap the kind of success you are aiming for. Neglecting your brand is a sure way to slow down growth.

Use these top 5 small business branding tips to launch your successful New
1. Get a logo and use it. This is a critical aspect of your branding. You need to put it everywhere. It should be on everything you do online and in print. You should wear it on your clothes and on your car. Having a recognizable logo will help your business grow exponentially.

It is amazing how much business and buzz you can generate with a logo that is carefully placed everywhere you can get it.

2. Use your words. Have a well-written website that gives readers information they are looking for and includes a call to action. You should also have a carefully worded, concise description of your business on your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media accounts. Include keywords about what you offer. Be sure any text you publish on behalf of your business is grammatically correct and professional. Anything less is harmful to your brand.


3. Use technology to your advantage. The great thing about starting a small business today is that no matter where you live, you can grow a small business that serves the nation and even the world from your own home. The Internet makes it easy to build your brand as you interact with customers online. Be sure that you have a reliable high speed Internet connection that lets you do what you need to do for your business. High speed Internet providers make that possible no matter where you live in the country.

4. Invest in branding goodies. Put your logo on items like stamps, totes, banners, business cards and more in order to increase visibility and establish a professional image. Even promotional items like pens, bags and stickers are perfect for branding. The business with branded items looks much more professional and stable than a business without those things. You don’t want your potential customers to think you are a fly-by-night business.

5. Understand the importance of your customer to your brand. All the above tips will help you brand your business, but ultimately the thing that will make your brand a success is your customers. Happy customers are the ultimate branding asset. Therefore, maintain an ongoing conversation with your audience. Deliver what you promise and prioritize the relationship with your customers.

Building a successful small business is all about continued growth, and branding is a sure-fire way to continue to grow your business. Put your small business branding plan in place using the five tips above and see the difference a brand can make!

Be sure to visit Ten23 Designs | Business Branding to see more of my business branding goodies.