Saturday, January 5, 2013

Small Business Branding For a Successful New Year

This past October I created a new division to my company, Ten23 Designs | Business Branding.  Ten23 Designs | Business Branding offers custom logos, logo stamps (both rubber stamps and self-inking), logo decals, apparel & accessories, tumblers... and OH SO MUCH MORE!!

Branding is a hot topic right now for small businesses. By putting the right amount of energy into your branding efforts, you will reap the kind of success you are aiming for. Neglecting your brand is a sure way to slow down growth.

Use these top 5 small business branding tips to launch your successful New
1. Get a logo and use it. This is a critical aspect of your branding. You need to put it everywhere. It should be on everything you do online and in print. You should wear it on your clothes and on your car. Having a recognizable logo will help your business grow exponentially.

It is amazing how much business and buzz you can generate with a logo that is carefully placed everywhere you can get it.

2. Use your words. Have a well-written website that gives readers information they are looking for and includes a call to action. You should also have a carefully worded, concise description of your business on your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media accounts. Include keywords about what you offer. Be sure any text you publish on behalf of your business is grammatically correct and professional. Anything less is harmful to your brand.


3. Use technology to your advantage. The great thing about starting a small business today is that no matter where you live, you can grow a small business that serves the nation and even the world from your own home. The Internet makes it easy to build your brand as you interact with customers online. Be sure that you have a reliable high speed Internet connection that lets you do what you need to do for your business. High speed Internet providers make that possible no matter where you live in the country.

4. Invest in branding goodies. Put your logo on items like stamps, totes, banners, business cards and more in order to increase visibility and establish a professional image. Even promotional items like pens, bags and stickers are perfect for branding. The business with branded items looks much more professional and stable than a business without those things. You don’t want your potential customers to think you are a fly-by-night business.

5. Understand the importance of your customer to your brand. All the above tips will help you brand your business, but ultimately the thing that will make your brand a success is your customers. Happy customers are the ultimate branding asset. Therefore, maintain an ongoing conversation with your audience. Deliver what you promise and prioritize the relationship with your customers.

Building a successful small business is all about continued growth, and branding is a sure-fire way to continue to grow your business. Put your small business branding plan in place using the five tips above and see the difference a brand can make!

Be sure to visit Ten23 Designs | Business Branding to see more of my business branding goodies.


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