Friday, December 3, 2010

{Seasonal} Vintage Ornaments

Each ornament decal is a separate piece and measures approx. 22" tall (widths vary from 2.5" wide to 10" wide).

Monday, November 29, 2010

Count your Blessings Board

All month of October I wanted to make some sort of "blessing" board.  I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to do something and have it ready by November... Well October rolled on by... and then November.  Here I am on November 29th and I FINALLY made my "blessings" board.

This is a 14" x 26" glass frame that you can use dry erase markers on.  The backing is burlap and you can change it out with other fabric, wrapper paper, scrapbook paper or anything else you can think of.  Change it out for the holidays and seasons! 

I have a few extra frames ready for YOU! If you are local I would be happy to make your Blessing board for you.  If you would like to buy a decal kit, please email me:

You can also replace "Count your Blessings" with another saying if you wish (ie; My Favorite Things, What's for Dinner?)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{PRE} Black Friday Sale

Since this weekend, I have been hosting a {PRE} Black Friday Sale on my Ten23 Designs Facebook Fan Page. There are a lot of decals for up to 50% off and the sale will continue this evening as well as tomorrow evening, followed by a HUGE Black Friday Sale!

I hope you come and join in the fun... if you have any special requests for items you would like to see go on sale, please let me know. This is a friendly open invitation sale.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

{Seasonal} Christmas Collection

For a few weeks now, the craft stores, department stores and so many other places have been gearing up for the winter holidays.  While working on some personalized ornaments last night, I asked myself why did I have all my holiday decorating decor up in my own shop...

So this morning I woke up and got to work on a few new Christmas designs for my vinyl decals.

The 11" personalized family name ornament decal is only $12. This comes with an optional Est. date at no cost... AND... This decal is currently BOBO FREE so you can buy one for yourself and give one as a gift, OR give two as gifts... OR... well you get it. 

These large holiday ornament decals are very festive.  This package includes 5 decals (2 - 11" and 3 - 6") ~ They read HO HO HO Merry Xmas... and I am currently offering FREE customization if you would like them to read something else.  These are only $20 for all 5.

Add cheer to your door by adding Santa on his sled.  This design is only $10 and comes with "Season's Greetings" or other wording of your choice.

One of the great things about decals is that they can be used on so many different things... like a refrigerator door for instance.  This cute swirly tree is only $15 and is topped with the perfect little star.

For those that want to make a larger impact on the reason for the season, the King of Kings in the shape of a Christmas tree decal is the perfect find.  It measure 2' wide by 3' tall.

Tis the season...

Monday, November 8, 2010

{New Product} Personalizd LED Candles

There are so many unique ways to dress up your event reception table numbers... and so many of those unique ways include personalizing.  That is where I like to come in and be a part of your BIG day... I am all about personalizing!

Ten23 Designs now carries custom / personalized LED candles.  These candles are great for table number markers, monograms, and anything else you desire...


Table numbers / markers can be made with actual numbers, or names if you prefer to name your tables. Decorative borders are available and there are many fonts to choose from if you want to keep the flow of design you are already working with.
Personalizing the LED candles with a monogram or other design is another great way to add a personal touch to your BIG days.  These candles can also be used around your home as the perfect personalized decor element.  I enjoy my personalized LED candles around my garden tub.  The possible uses are endless...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ten23 Designs ONE Year Anniversary

This Saturday, October 23rd, Ten23 Designs celebrated it's ONE year anniversary... or as I called it, our 1st birthday.  Ten23 stands for October (10th month) 23rd. This is a special date for me, as it is my birthday.

I was touched to have some of my vendor friends donate special goodies for my BIG DAY personalized with my logo on it.

Cherin from Customized Wedding Creations hand painted a runner for me that I turned into a pillow.  I totally LOVE it.  It now sits on my office chair and gives me support throughout my work day, just like Cherin does.

Dorinda of Favors by Dorinda made the CUTEST lollipops and mini chocolate bars with my logo on it. I was almost sad to see people leave with them but hey... that's what favors are for.  Luckily, I was able to nab a few for myself as a keepsake.  Of course I will have to eat the chocolate but will keep the wrapper.

Marni the Cardbox Diva, owner of Creative Custom Cardboxes hooked me up with a bling bling cardbox, complete with logo face plate. This will get plenty of use next year as I join the expo, and event show circuit.  It will be great to hold giveaway entries at my booth.

Angie of S & A Events made the tastiest treats... an apple puff tart and an asiago, pepperoni & basil puff pastry... oh YUM!!! The apple puff tarts were gone so quickly with requests for more. I am glad I was able to try one before they were gone. 

Angie also created the BEAUTIFUL floral centerpieces that were created with flowers my logo color with touches of orange & blue... because everything should have a touch of GATOR in it!

I was happy to also have the privilege to display a handcrafted ring bearer pillow made by Victoria Joanne of HCC Hand Crafted Creations as a collaboration project we did together, an invitation sample from Beth of Forever Friends, also as a collaboration project we did together and was able to get the word out about Shop to Stop Slavery, a company owned by a friend that helps educate consumers on modern day slave labor.

The ONE year celebration was a success... filled with family and friends.

Thank you to all who participated and all who sent their well wishes... I am looking forward to a productive year TWO!


Monday, September 13, 2010

{Holiday Gift Guide} Decal Gifts & Goodies

Shopping for family and friends just got easier... When holidays and birthdays roll around, I never know what to get anyone because everyone I know, seems to have all they need and want.  Personalized gifts and goodies from Ten23 Designs make gift giving easier.

Our personalized scented candles are always a great gift. One thing I love about scented candle jar are that they can be reused after the candle burns out of it.  With our personalized candle jars, you now have a personalized jar to stash more goodies.

Our candles are always only $10 and discounts are available for multiple item purchases. 

Personalized tiles with monograms and family names are also a great gift option.  This item includes a personalized vinyl square (5", 11" or 15" - made to fit 6", 12" or 16" tiles which are not included for shipped orders).  To promote the season of giving, the 5" and 11" personalized vinyl squares are currently BUY ONE, GET ONE 1/2 OFF. 


  • 5" - $6    

  • 11" - $12

  • 15" - $16

Lastly, our fun personalized tree ornaments are great gifts for everyone.  Each ornament is only $5 and includes one letter & polka dots.  Add the recipients name for only $5 more!

Email me with any questions or to purchase any of these item.  As always, decal only options are available for your own crafty projects.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{Decal DIY} From BIG Day to Everyday

Add a personalized monogram decal to a frame with a plain white backing to greet guests as they enter the reception. On the sign in table, have a large white board (sized to fit the frame) and have the guests sign & leave their blessings. After the BIG day, add the sign-in board to the monogram frame to create a custom piece of art for you to forever cherish in your home.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

{New Product} Personalized Dress & Tux Hangers

Hang your wedding dress in style with these personalized monogram wooden dress / tux hangers. The wooden hangers are eco-friendly & have a strong metal hook for hanging & a notch on each side for hanging straps.  They are great to use for the hanging wedding dress photo.

Currently hangers are available for purchase in a natural wood, or white finish. You can personalize with a monogram, initial, or name. Custom requests are available.

Purchase at: or email me to place an order

Bulk discounts are available on 10+ items

Thursday, August 19, 2010

{Client Project} Jackie's Bridal Shower by Nneka Saran

I recently had the pleasure of working with Nneka Saran of Nneka Saran Decor & Design. Nneka had a fabulous idea to use personalized wine glasses as a favor for a bridal shower she was coordinating for a close friend.  I was excited to assist her in providing the personalized decals she was to use on the glasses.

The wine glasses came out great & she even posted a DIY tutorial on her site.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

{Customer Photo} E Stands for...

I love seeing how creative and crafty my customers are.  I often have customers buy a pretty basic design and turn it into their own special work of art. 

A recent customer of mine, expecting a little one customized my popular block design into a rectangle and added it on top of a board she covered with material that matched the crib bedding of the nursery.  I think it looks great!

{Client Project} Danielle & Michael's Wedding

Custom decals can be used for endless DIY ideas.  The decals stick to so many surfaces, so it makes it easy to take one design, and make it flow through the entire event.  One of my favorite surfaces to use decals is canvas.  It makes a clean, painted look.

I love what this client did for her sister's wedding. She added the decal she purchased from me to black canvas. The bride (and the decal on canvas) looks beautiful! :o)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome to my home... Decals on mirrors

When we moved into our new home in June of 2007, my first order of business for the living room was to find a good size black mirror to place on an empty wall.  We have vaulted ceilings and it made this blank wall, look even more blank! :o)

I got lucky and found a wood mirror in the size I wanted at a yard sale for only $15. I took it home and painted it black, then of course added my signature... a vinyl decal.  For almost 3 years the mirror with our monogram graced our living room.  Many of our guests came into our home and complimented it... I even got holiday gift requests for similar decals from my friends.  (My friends know they can usually count on a personalized, decal related gift from me).
This week I decided to change it up a bit.  This month marks 3 years in our home, it since it was no longer new, I decided to change it up a bit and bring some "new" back into it.  Both my husband and son were gone all week.  My son, to camp... my husband, on business.  Now my husband knows when he is away, he can usually expect to come home to something either new or different.  It is just the way it is.  :o)  

Well, when my son got home from camp last night, he came into the living room to share his camp experiences with me.  Before he even finished his first sentence, he began to smile... then pointed up.  "I like that Mom!"  Yes, my 12 year old noticed my hard work, and appreciated it.  I must admit, it was rewarding to hear him say that.  Now let's see what my husband has to say about it in a few hours.

  What do you think of it?

If you like it, and want one of your own, visit or email me:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

{Etsy Treasury} Navy & Dark Pink Wedding Day Bliss

Navy = Strength . Dark Pink = Full of life .
Bring them together & you have a fun wedding color combination. 

Please visit my {Etsy Treasury} and support these great artisans.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Introducing: Customized Wedding Creations - VLA Collection

Customized Wedding Creations has come up with a new alternative to provide monogram aisle runners with a quick turn around time for clients who are not in a position to wait on their current three month waiting period.  This week CWC announced their new VLA Collection, A Very Lovely Alternative... and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

A message from Customized Wedding Creations:

The VLA Collection features budget aisle runners with your wedding logo applied in the form of a custom decal (provided by Ten23 Designs) rather than paint. The best part, we can complete a VLA Collection aisle runner in less than one month. So, if you’ve hesitated and didn’t get to order your custom aisle runner in time, now you can order one without rush fees for any wedding three weeks away or later. If your wedding is under three weeks away, rush fees may apply. The best part – these aisle runners cost from $100-$140 plus shipping for any wedding three weeks out or more.

To celebrate this fabulous new product line, both Ten23 Designs & Customized Wedding Creations are offering 10% to clients who make a coordinating purchase from both vendors.

Please e-mail for information on decal purchases and visit for aisle runner purchases.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Custom Decal Packages

One of the great things about using decals for your event design, is the broad range of uses of them.  Decals can be used on dance floors, walls, frames, doors, vases, candle holders, wine glasses & so much more.

To help assist you in your event design, Ten23 Designs will gladly put together a custom decal package to meet your needs.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

$1000 Peacock Wedding Giveaway

If you are planning a peacock themed wedding, you must rush over to Brenda's Wedding Blog to enter into this Mega Peacock Giveaway!  Ten23 Designs, along with many other talented handmade wedding vendors have created a collection of personalized peacock goodness valued at $1,000.

(Photo courtesy of Brenda's Wedding Blog)

Brenda’s Wedding Blog will be giving it all away to one lucky winner on may 10th!!  The talented handmade vendors include: Ten23 Designs, Creative Custom Card Boxes, Lasso’d Moon, Custom Wedding Garters, Hand Crafted Creations, Favors by Dorinda, Simply & Forever, Emici Bridal, Ink and Button, and Customized Wedding Creations.

(Photo courtesy of Brenda's Wedding Blog)

In addition to the giveaway, many of the vendors listed above are offering a product discount of 10% off of any purchase to those who enter the giveaway.  The lucky winner is entitled to 20% purchases (some restrictions do apply).

So hurry over & enter... good luck to you!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Destination Weddings

Every month, the requests for destination themed monograms and decals come rolling in... This Spring, I added a few new destination themed designs to the collection... with more to come. 

These new designs are available in an assortment of sizes & look great on the dance floor as well as windows, wall, doors & so much more.  Personalized packages are also available.  Want a set of hibiscus flowers to add to decor you already have?  No problem... I'd be happy to put together a personalized package especially for you.

Because of the possible stresses of traveling for your destination wedding, Ten23 Designs will also drop ship to your destination venue (some restrictions apply).

Please visit my website to purchase or contact me directly for a personalized package.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's the Meaning of Your Name?

I remember when my son (now 12) first started pre-school.  His new teacher asked him his name, to which he replied, "Isaac." Before she could get her next sentence out, he continued, "It means he who will laugh... and I do laugh a lot!"  She smiled, and told him, "that name suits you well." And quite frankly, it always has.  My son always brings laughter.

The names we give our children using have a meaning to us as the parents, as well as the meaning from the orgin of the name.  These new personalized name decals not only displays your child's name on their wall, but also proudly displays the meaning of their name too. 

These designs are available on my Etsy shop, & my website  These designs are fully customizable from color, to font... and even the wording.  If you do not wish to have the defination listed as on (the site I use to acquire the meanings), you may subsitute for a small quote, phrase, etc (to fit the same sized area).

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Has Sprung: Cherry Blossoms

With the snow melting away & the sun coming out to play, it must mean one (exciting) thing... Spring has Sprung!  With Spring in the air, the Cherry blossom trees across the mid-east coast begin to blossom... and oh what a beautiful sight it is.

Many Spring weddings are held each year with the timeless theme of cherry blossoms.  To do my part in bringing weddings a personal touch, I have created the Monogram Cherry Blossom Dace Floor Decal.

This unique cherry blossom decal can be created an in assortment of sizes.  Add a large one to your dance floor, behind the sweetheart table... have a smaller on on the entry doors of your venue.  Want to add the cherry blossom monogram design to your aisle runner?  I can help you with that too.

Ten23 Designs works with selected preferred wedding & event vendors so you can have your personalized monogram coordinate through your entire special day (decor, embroidery work, stationary, runners, favors & so much more).  Contact me for details:

Monogram Mania

It's quite obvious, I love monograms.  The touch of having something personalized is classy yet fun.  It is the perfect combation of style when decorate in the home.  One of my personal favorite monogram styles is the simple initial... with a little design of course.

Damask is in & oh so stylish...

The regal look of the arched tree branches (with leaves) is a timeless design...

The circle monogram is a great way to give a simple touch of personalization to your space.

Visit to purchase any of these personalized monogram decals for only $20!  If you are looking for something unique and different, please contact me directly: and I will bring your ideas to life.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Introducing: My Wedding Concierge

My Wedding Concierge -- Find Us On the iPhone

My Wedding Concierge was founded by Phyllis Cheung and launched in September 2009. “My Wedding Concierge” is an iPhone App that allows brides to research and request information from wedding vendors directly from their mobile phone and is available in the Apple App Store for free. My Wedding Concierge is the only iPhone App that focuses solely on wedding vendors.

Brides are provided this tool that allows them to not only find and rank vendors, but share and organize them among their friends via social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Since launching, My Wedding Concierge have had over 12,000 downloads and consistently get 100-150 brides downloading the useful app daily.

Brides love to use My Wedding Concierge to research wedding vendors in their local areas and they also help wedding vendors showcase their work to brides in their local areas.

The My Wedding Concierge website: features a smart search engine that allows brides to search the description of wedding vendors and their uploaded photographs.

My Wedding Concierge aims to be the ultimate wedding search engine. Brides will be able to use the website to research relevant information from wedding vendors, hand selected wedding blogs, images, and news articles. All wedding blogs indexed on our site have been selected for content and brides can search through all wedding blogs in one place instead of visiting each website individually.

Special Design for a Special Kid

When the fabulous @Victoria_Joanne of Handcrafted Creations came to me & asked me to design something for her sons' room, was honored.  Her son loves to do handstands (and is very good at them) & is known as, "The Handstand Kid."

It was the perfect theme to give his personal space his own splash of personality. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome to my home... on a budget

I usually post home projects on my other blog, Brain Food, but since this one involves one of my vinyl decals, I am only going to post part of this here on this blog, and the complete makeover on the other blog. Please visit Brain Food to view the complete project.

As part of my needed home makeover projects and with inspiration from the Tip Junkie, I felt it was due time to get my front entry more welcoming.
I used the "Welcome" vinyl decal for the front door from (Yes, my shop, I made it).
I would love to spread the welcome love so I lowered the price to $5 each.

Family Meaning Wall Decal

We have a tight family. My husband & I believe strongly in family values & making sure our children know we value them.

I was recently having a conversation with my son & we were talking about words that describe ourselves individually & as a family. Being that he in an apple that did not fall far from the tree, he said, "Mom, that would make a good wall decal."

And so it was...

Dorm Room Decorating Made Easy

It's back to school time again. While some of us are "lucky" to have our kids still at home with us... some are "lucky" to have their kids going off to college. Most dorm rooms (& rented apartments, condo, houses, etc.) have strict rules about NOT being allowed to paint. Bummer!

How can you turn a space into your own place without decorating & adding your own personal touches to the walls that surround you? WALL DECALS!

Wall decals come in handy for this decorating dilemma. The wall decals go up in a matter of minutes, and are easily removed without leaving behind any sticky residue just as quickly. You can have a design to remember home... or add an inspirational quote. The possibilities are endless.

I have added a few designs for my "going back to school" collection but of course, any custom orders or requests are welcomed. I would love to make you or your study a touch of flair in the form of a wall decal or two.

Sorority and fraternity Greek letters are a great way to represent your organization. I was a member of the honor society which is PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) & used a small version of a wall decal & added them to mind binders.

Remember... these decals can be made in made different sizes & applied to many different smooth, flat surfaces... not just walls.

E-mail me for more information or to make a request.

Personalize This: Special Request

I've said it before & I'll say it again... I love custom requests. I mostly create designs for weddings (monograms) and children's rooms. I couldn't say I enjoy one over the other. Seeing a happy bride use one of my monogram decal on the dance floor makes me just as happy as seeing a child's face light up when they see their name written on the wall with their favorite design.

A dear friend of mine who I have known for ages recently asked me to design a wall decal for her daughter, Destinee'. She enjoys gymnastics & bright colors so I created this personalized wall decal for her.

Victoria the custom wedding garter specialist, who happens to be another friend of mine who I met recently via Twitter left me a message asking me to create a design for her son's birthdays which are coming up.

They enjoy skateboarding. I have a few more ideas to work up, but this is what I have come up with so far.
Both designs will be available to purchase through my shop. If you wish to purchase either of these designs, request a custom design or have any other inquiry, please e-mail me: