Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's the Meaning of Your Name?

I remember when my son (now 12) first started pre-school.  His new teacher asked him his name, to which he replied, "Isaac." Before she could get her next sentence out, he continued, "It means he who will laugh... and I do laugh a lot!"  She smiled, and told him, "that name suits you well." And quite frankly, it always has.  My son always brings laughter.

The names we give our children using have a meaning to us as the parents, as well as the meaning from the orgin of the name.  These new personalized name decals not only displays your child's name on their wall, but also proudly displays the meaning of their name too. 

These designs are available on my Etsy shop, www.ten23designs.etsy.com & my website www.ten23designs.com.  These designs are fully customizable from color, to font... and even the wording.  If you do not wish to have the defination listed as on www.babynames.com (the site I use to acquire the meanings), you may subsitute for a small quote, phrase, etc (to fit the same sized area).