Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{Introducing} Wooden Cut Out Monograms

By now I am pretty sure you have figured out that I just love monograms and all things personalized... and have seen that I decal just about everything I can get my hands on.  I am so excited to introduce my newest monogram goodies... wooden cut out monograms!

These come as the bare wood cut out monogram but can be painted to your liking (the one above was painted by client, Kathleen - She did a great job).

Sizes come in all even sizes from 6" - 36" tall.  Sizes 6" - 18" tall are available on my website.  Larger sizes must be ordered via email:

Monday, May 14, 2012

MOPs... Mother's Of Preschoolers

When I first told my husband I was joining MOPs, he asked me if it was some kind of cleaning group.  Until the day I went to a yard sale and a MOPs mom shared what it really was with me, I had no idea either... and quite honestly, may have thought the same thing as my husband.

Now that I have been a part of MOPs for a couple of years, I actually learned that it kind of is like a cleaning group... we just cleanse the soul and mind.  We help other moms learn how to be better moms, stronger moms, smarter moms.

My MOPs Murray Hill group has helped me several times in the past "clean" up a mental mess I was in by helping me relax, praying with me... and for me.

Our MOPs Murray Hill group has been so blessed with wonderful, loving caregivers in our nursery so that we are able to meet in peace (with the children in another room).  This year we decided to give our caregivers a gift that we hope will help them during these hot summers months and future months to come after those.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

{New Product} Floating Place Cards

 A few months ago I had the privilege to work with some talented NE Florida wedding industry vendors.  Christy Whitehead Photography was the lead photographer on the set and also one of the theme designers along with Southern Charm Events and myself. 

The centerpieces by A Fantasy of Flowers were just beautiful.  I designed and created each of the peacock monogram plates and Tanya of Southern Charm Events added some bling to the chargers with glitter.  They really complimented each other quite well.

We were determined to add some special touches that were new and unique.  After racking my brain (and brainstorming with my 14 year old son who mentioned how cool it would look to make things "float" using something clear and vinyl), we came up with floating place cards. I JUST LOVE THEM!

Floating place cards are perfect for any special occasion. The personalized place cards also make for a great keepsake for the guests... so it knocks out the need for favors as well.

These are currently available by custom order via email (  Custom fonts and lettering are available.