Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Introducing: Customized Wedding Creations - VLA Collection

Customized Wedding Creations has come up with a new alternative to provide monogram aisle runners with a quick turn around time for clients who are not in a position to wait on their current three month waiting period.  This week CWC announced their new VLA Collection, A Very Lovely Alternative... and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

A message from Customized Wedding Creations:

The VLA Collection features budget aisle runners with your wedding logo applied in the form of a custom decal (provided by Ten23 Designs) rather than paint. The best part, we can complete a VLA Collection aisle runner in less than one month. So, if you’ve hesitated and didn’t get to order your custom aisle runner in time, now you can order one without rush fees for any wedding three weeks away or later. If your wedding is under three weeks away, rush fees may apply. The best part – these aisle runners cost from $100-$140 plus shipping for any wedding three weeks out or more.

To celebrate this fabulous new product line, both Ten23 Designs & Customized Wedding Creations are offering 10% to clients who make a coordinating purchase from both vendors.

Please e-mail info@ten23designs.com for information on decal purchases and visit www.customizedweddingcreations.com for aisle runner purchases.

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