Monday, August 26, 2013

{Introducing} Quartrefoil Pattern Vinyl Wall Decal

I have gotten enough custom requests for quartrefoil pattern vinyl wall decals that it's time to add it to my product line and post on my website.  I have seen uses such as wedding reception flower vase wraps, wall paper and lining cabinets... and I've loved them all. 

Last night, in honor of celebrating the new product to the collection, I decided to do my own quartrefoil vinyl decal project... which just happened to be on my DIY home decor project list for over a year now.

I've been wanting to do my kitchen back splash for quite some time now and last night, the opportunity of 20 minutes of free time presented itself.



I have always said that a small decal can make such a BIG impact on a room and here is a prime example.  I just love it.  I even smiled when I walked into the kitchen this morning and saw the quartrefoil pattern vinyl wall decal greeting me.

To make it easy to install myself, I just used 3 pieces of the quartrefoil pattern vinyl wall decal and lined them up on the wall.  That way I wasn't working with one huge, harder to manage piece.

So what do you think?


  1. Love the final look! It made a big impact!

  2. pretty cute wall decals. I love its designs and I like that it can lift up the mood of the room,more quotes wall sticker