Thursday, November 3, 2011

Project : 2 of : 23

I am steadily working on my project of projects, Project :: 23

This morning I completely Project 2 and it was super easy and even cheaper than easy! I saw this great project on the Choose to Thrive blog back in may and new I wanted to make my own this Autumn.  

So without further adieu, Project : 2 of : 23

The project only cost me a couple of dollars... and that was for the vinyl lettering I made. My neighbor was ever so kind to supply me with the brown bottles and the straw looking stuff was picked from a bush outside. I was going to use wheat but wanted to try this first... being that it was FREE

The niche it is sitting in is such a shallow shelf that I usually have trouble finding things to fit it.  I think this is just right for the season.

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