Monday, October 24, 2011

Project : 1 of : 23

Last week I decided that I am going to spend this year (from my birthday October 23rd, yesterday - to October 23rd 2012) with a goal... to complete at least 23 DIY projects. I have dubbed this challenge,  

So without further adieu, Project : 1 of : 23

I picked up this metal sign last year just after Halloween. It was about 75% off along with the rest of the Halloween clearance at Joanns.  I painted over the seasonal sign with black craft paint and then added the verse (vinyl decal I made).  I bought the 2 frames and painted them black too.  Then printed the photos off on the computer.

The ribbons came from my stash. I glued the black with white trim ribbon to the olive green ribbon to give it a little more character. I made the two little bows and glued them to the frames. After I added the ribbon bow to the top, I let me 13 year old son decide where it should be hung on the wall. He picked a space near the hallway where his room and his sister's room it.
Project : 1 of : 23 - COMPLETE!

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