Friday, October 30, 2009

New Theme Monogram Designs / Decals

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on new themes for monograms / decals.


I have teamed up with Victoria of HCC Garters (Custom Wedding Garters), wedding garter creator extraordinaire. Victoria makes custom garters including fabulous themed garters. I have created these new monograms to compliment her designs.

Victoria & I are offering our clients who purchase custom orders from each of us a 10% off discount. It gets even better. Celeste, owner of Celeste Designs, has also joined our team. Celeste offers complete stationary sets (Invitations, RSVPs, etc), bottle labels, inspiration boards & so much more.

*Aisle Runners, Parasols, Cardboxes & other accessories all also available for monogram designs. Information on additional discounts & partners are coming soon.

Ten23 Designs & partners specialize in pre-designed, custom or recreation of your own monogram designs. Contact me at: for additional information.


  1. Excellent post there darlin! I have to create my special webpage section for this partnership. It has been very hectic here, But I hope to have it created by next week. I'll give you links to it so you can see when it's up :)

    I look forward to networking with partner VIP discounts with lots of talented artisans. Customizing a wedding has never been so fun and so easy now that Custom wedding designers are abounding :)