Thursday, March 31, 2011

{Real Wedding} The Wine & Love Letter Box by Nicole

Last year, Nicole of The Plunge Project came to me with a project.  She wanted me to turn her monogram into a decal to place on a wine box for special part of her upcoming wedding ceremony.  Done!

She and her groom each separately wrote love notes to each other on the eve of their wedding day.  During the ceremony they took their letters and placed them in the wooden wine box and sealed it... only to be opened on their 10th wedding anniversary.  Sweet huh?!? 

Check out her blog post, The Wine & Love Letter Box, for all the romantic details.


  1. So cool...and a great keepsake, too. You could display it forever! Was this a decal that was permanently affixed or is it removable?

  2. The decal is a removable decals but could be left on "forever" if she wanted. It will only come off if you peel it.

    I usually seal decals I would like to adhere "forever."