Monday, March 19, 2012

QR Code : Stamp Your Brand

Adding your QR code to your already existing marketing material just got easier with my QR code stamps. 
QR Codes are on the rise and can be found just about everywhere.  Last week I even introduced the QR Code decals that can be used on cars, venue doors and endless other places.  
My new QR codes start at 1" for only $20 (special introductory price).  You can stamp business cards, postcards, flyers and other marketing material you send out.  They are also great to stamp on packages... and if you are like me, the signature receipts when I eat out.  Hey... those receipts travel through several hands before they hit storage. I'm sure someone is bound to scan one and POOF, welcome to my Facebook page!
Be on the lookout, I will be using mine everywhere!  What creative places can you think of to use the QR stamp to leave your "mark?

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