Thursday, March 8, 2012

QR Codes : The Next BIG thing in Business Marketing

I am sure by now you have seen QR codes almost everywhere... on posters, in magazines, on products... and the list goes on.

Why not take it a step further and go mobile with it... literally. 

Nicole Rendon, Independent Distributor of Scentsy requested I make her two QR code decals... one for her website and another to her Facebook Fan Page.  It makes "liking" her FB page and ordering from her website even easier for people passing by.

I sometimes have a full car decal with business advertising on my car's rear window but sometimes I remove it, change around the wording etc.  Even when I do not have my business advertisement decal on my car, I still have this 6" QR code decal I made that links directly to my Facebook Fan Page.  Curious minds are everywhere and seeing a QR code to scan attracts them. 

Adding a business name and website decal to you window is another good way to attract people to your website, however, the QR code decals will get them there even quicker.  I offer the business vehicle decals on my website starting at only $20 (current price).  Adding a QR code to one of these is another great option for mobile advertising.

JAX Couture Events is another local area business I made QR code decals for.  They added them to the front door of their venue since they have a lot of foot traffic.  Because they are not always available for walk-ins at the venue, people walking by can just scan the door and go right to where they want to lead them.  In this case, their Facebook page, website and Twitter page. 

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