Monday, September 17, 2012

You've Been Boo'D

{Recap from last Halloween}

So tonight my son and I had some fun boo'ing a couple neighbors.  I found a few printables for Boo'ing online but decided to design my own... to add my personal touch!  It was supposed to a fun, anonymous type thing, but both neighbors new I was the culprit. It was still fun... and we are looking forward to doing a few more.

After attempting to boo one of the neighbors, my son ran back into the house full of giggles. He said he was getting ready to leave the boo bag at the door and when he looked up, he saw their door was open (they have a glass door before the front door). He ran in here yelling, "abort mission! I've been compromised!!

One of best part of boo'ing the neighbors for me was having to call my husband on the way home from work and asking him to pick up mini marshmallows. He asked what I needed them for and I told him... ghost  poop. When he got home, he handed me the bag and said, "here's your ghost poop."

It was fun... I would recommend this fun Halloween activity for everyone with little ones... even a 13 year old like mine.

If you would like this printables collection, please email me:

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