Monday, July 9, 2012

Decals and Burlap???

Earlier today, Cocktails & Details posted a beautiful inspiration collection of woods, metals and burlap on Facebook... and it inspired me.

I love anything personalized and burlap happens to be one of my favorite decorating materials... so why not mix the two?  

One of the good things about being a craft addict is that 9 times out of 10, you have all of the materials you need right in your studio when an idea unleashes in your mind... especially if you are like me and cannot do anything else until the project is complete.

I first sewed two small pillows with the burlap material, leaving a corner on each open to stuff.

I cut the decals and peeled out the lettering to make a stencil.  I used the application tape to adhere the vinyl on the burlap how I wanted it.

Then painted.

After it dried (didn't really let it dry all of the way... I was to anxious to get it done)... My assistant helped me to stuff the pillows. 

She smiled almost the whole time and said to me, "this is fun. Can we make more pillows?"

Little does she know... we will be!

After we stuffed them I stitched up the open corner and viola!!!


  1. Great project! Lots of party possibilities with it, too. :-)