Sunday, July 15, 2012

{Real Event} "Color Me Happy" Birthday

It all started with a scribble...

I asked my (then) 2 year old what kind of birthday she wanted to have this year.  She told me she wanted to color and have her friends color too.  I looked up coloring theme parties but nothing really jumped out at am.  So I turned to the birthday girl and asked her, "what kind of coloring party" to try to narrow it down.  She said like this and ran off to get a crayon and piece of paper and began to draw.  I knew just what to do after that...

I gave her some cardstock and a Sharpie marker and let her do some drawing...

I took the drawings she made, scanned them and then turned into graphic files... which I then turned into decals.


I covered an area in butcher paper as the white canvas backing.  I bought a huge roll so she can continue to use it for coloring. 

 This sign in book is just like the one I made last year for Mya's birthday but with this year's theme. I used decals and my printables to make it.


AshleyandGary Kennedy of Kennedy Kakes baked the yummy cake, cookie pops, cake pops and cake push pops!

I found this yummy treat on Pinterest and just used rainbow dot sprinkles to add color to them.


Cookie pops & cake pops by Kennedy Kakes

I made a cartoon version of Mya that I added to her favors and things.

Rainbow fruits & veggies to balance some of the sweets

Close up of her cartoon self

And here she is with the matching outfit I made for her.  Making that skirt may have been the most difficult part of this entire party.

At the park...

My neighbor, owner of Who Baby Who, made colorful tissue paper pom poms to decorate with.  This is the coloring table with coloring pages of her cartoon self to color.

I added the scribble decals to just about everything

My very creative friend, Robin, of Heartmade by Hand made these awesome paint chip notebooks as part of the favors.

More scribble decals

The birthday girl...

...having fun on the slide.


  1. Love love love this idea!!!! I'm going to have to come up with something creative like this for my boys Lego themed party