Thursday, February 25, 2010

Boring to Blingish

I have had my laptop for a little while & never really had any complaints about it. But after going to my friends house & seeing her laptop with her fancy swirly designs, I knew I needed to upgrade.

I started playing with some wall designs I have made & shrinking them down to "Laptop" size. There was one design in particular that I really liked so I knew instantly it was "the one... for now.

I wouldn't call it bling, since it doesn't actually sparkle... but it is definitely blingish. I used the removable wall vinyl so I could easily peel it off if I needed to.
I posted it in my Etsy shop as a wall decal & a laptop decal so if you like it, you can have it too. If you decide to purchase one from my Etsy shop, mention this blog & receive 10% off.

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