Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mobile Advertising

Last week I decided to put my logo & website address on the back window of my car. Since then I had several people (in parking lots) ask me about my business. It has been a great "start conversation" tool to promote my blog & business. And like so many other things, it got me thinking...

Since joining the blogging community, I have come across so many great work at home moms (WAHM), parenting bloggers, bloggers who share their cooking skills, crafty bloggers & so many other amazing bloggers. One thing I have learned is that everyone supports each other in the blogging community & that's what makes it work.

For my fellow bloggers, I want to share what I do, to help you do what you do. I make decals, which could help you to advertise what you do. If you would like a custom decal made for your vehicle to advertise your blog (or other site), I would love to help you out. Vehicle decals are now available for only $5 a line (3" x 22"). Large logos (like mine) can also be made to request.

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