Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scripture... Written on the Wall

You can have pretty much anything written on the wall... a name, a quote, a poem, a phrase... why not your favorite scripture?

Writing on your wall can make a powerful impact on your visitors. Be sure it is a message you want to represent you, your family & your home. Just like a meaningful expression could make a positive change in some one's life... a not so top choice expression could make someone turn the other cheek.

Vinyl wall lettering is a wonderful way to get your message out & across. Now you can get custom wording (minimum 3" font) for only $15 plus shipping (24" x 18" section). You can leave your letters in a block, cut rows to make a straight line... or even break up each word to make a wall of inspirational words. The possibilities are endless.

Just remember to choose your words carefully.

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