Thursday, February 25, 2010

Organize Me!

This is the summer of organization at our house. Each of us, (minus the baby) have taken responsibility of certain areas of our home to come up with new organizing tools. While most who know me might think that the kitchen would have been one of my areas... only part of the kitchen in mine. The hubby took on the pantry & our son has the sink area. I suppose that is possibly because the hubby has the most snacks in the pantry & our son washes the dishes. We will see what they come up with.

My first idea for organizing came to me quite a while ago, but I just finally put it into action. We have several canisters on the counter which holds; flour, sugar, rice & brown sugar... ingredients we use most often. The canisters are stainless steal so you cannot see through them and I always have to open each lid to see what is inside (since they are never in a particular order).

So wah-la! My canister labels were born. We have white appliances so I decided to make the labels white... and they have that "pop" that I just love. Hopefully we will soon figure out what color to paint the walls in the kitchen so it will "pop" even more with the contrast.
I have the labels for sale in Etsy shop for only $6 for 6 labels. Of course, they are custom made to your request, so I can make any labels you need. I recently did an order which had Margarita Salt as one of their selections. If you can think it, I can make it. The labels come in any over the colors I have available & if you have a desired font, I can use that too.

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