Thursday, February 25, 2010

{Inspire Me} Hair Haiku

One of my faithful blog followers recently entered a haiku contest on another blog. Me, being a person with extremely curly hair felt the compassion in the haiku she wrote... almost as if she had written it to me, for me, about me. (This is such a romantic tale)

Regardless if she really did have any thoughts of me when writing it, it definitely inspired me. As a good friend & faithful reader, I couldn't resist to turn her haiku into a decal for her...

One of my favorite things about making decals is that you can truly turn any idea into a personal work of art. Ideas always pop in my head for new designs, I am glad I have such great friends (& blog followers) that allow me to put my ideas in their homes... if I had to put all the decal ideas I have up in my own home, it would like like a giant word search puzzle.

Thank you Naturally Clueless for sharing your beautiful haiku with us.

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