Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sharing My Passion

Having a passion is always a great thing. Being able to take your passion & making a living from it is an even better thing... but sharing your passion with your love ones is the very best thing.
My son turned 11 at the end of January. Days before his birthday he came to me & told me that he has been doing a lot of thinking about his future & he has thought of something he enjoys that may generate some income to help pay for college. To my surprise, it was graphic design.

His first project was for his own room.

He knew he wanted his name & he wanted it to be "cool." He spent a few days coming up with a design to put on his wall in his room. His final design did not only spell his name, it spoke it.
He did have my assistance cutting the design from vinyl, although he is learning how to cut vinyl designs on his own.

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