Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Introducing: Hand Crafted Creations by Victoria Joanne

Don't you just love it when vendors come together to give you want you want? I know I do & that is one reason I always search for the greatest vendors to collaborate with. In the past, I have featured custom garters by Victoria Joanne... but today I would like to introduce you to her Handcrafted Creations line.

Handcrafted Creations was created by Victoria Joanne to bring you custom embroidered ring bearer pillows, dress tags, flower girl baskets and more. She has many years of experience in embroidery and has the ability to create a special design made just for her clients or to recreate a design the client brings with them. This talent takes many hours to accomplish but to Victoria, it is worth every minute because customer satisfaction is her goal.

So what can the two of us do for you? If you follow Ten23 Designs, you are already aware that I create custom monograms for dance floor decals and other decor needs. Now, that same monogram I create for your decal, can be embroidered into a custom ring bearer pillow (& much more) by Handcrafted Creations.

Check her out...


  1. Wee :) thanks for the feature of my Hand-crafted Creations! I can't wait to work more with you in the future.